Our Philosophy

First Visual is an innovative, highly-focused software company producing world-class solutions that redefine efficiency in IT management. First Visual pioneered the world’s first self-managing Virtual IT Administrator and, with it, introduced the first full 24/7 managed mobile IT solution.

This might be enough for some companies, but First Visual plans to go further. The trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator allows companies not only to create new efficiencies, but also to improve the work environment and drastically reduce expenses. First Visual is committed to blazing the trail for further advances in virtualized IT technology and solutions, that provide far-reaching advances in corporate and IT management.

Our focus is on developing virtualized IT based on a company’s internal knowledge because real-world experience systems work better for an organization. Virtual Administration is the future of IT management and at the core of our expertise.

Adaptability is central not just to IT efficiency, but to meeting core business goals. That is why First Visual integrates flexibility into every aspect of our products - from overall function to performance and design. Mobility is central to the future of business and an integral component of our products. First Visual user interfaces are simple, universally accessible, and facilitate international business communication.