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Nothing moves faster than the speed of business. But trueAgent can keep you poised a step ahead.


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The trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator is designed to continuously adjust to your changing business environment to provide enhanced overall IT flexibility and scalability.

trueAgent™ preserves your IT adaptability, for increased speed and quality in the future, by streamlining the introduction of new or updated software and services. Move ahead of the curve, with an IT infrastructure that evolves faster than the competition.

Recent research, on providing a flexible, personalized workplace environment, clearly demonstrates substantial positive impacts on business performance— at strategic, structural and operational levels.

With First Visual's trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator you can distribute fail-safe, fully-customized user and work-optimized workplaces without any special effort, focusing only on business value and work efficiency. Boost productivity by allowing your IT to stay ahead in a volatile business environment, without stretching the budget.