About trueAgent™

trueAgent™ and its family of enhancement extension technologies automate the creation, configuration, management and maintenance of virtual IT management in local, remote and mobile environments.

By introducing a virtualized IT management that is optimized for business needs present and future, in any environment, First Visual's trueAgent™ frees your organization from onerous IT administration and management tasks, building a better platform to enable your company to grow.

The First Visual trueAgent™: it’s a trusted IT management solution for management, security and support, because it operates on your company’s own time-tested, real-world knowledge and expertise.


Central management and IT teams alike spend far too much time and money managing the complex applications, and underlying infrastructure and operating systems that support them. We believe that the trueAgent™ is the means to restructuring IT management so that the company’s leadership is focused on core business goals.

First Visual’s trueAgent™ provides unparalleled business adaptability, unlimited scalability, and an unrivaled level of information organization management. The trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator continuously adapts and scales to ensure efficiency and performance enhancements, and security and compliance, to meet the changing landscape of business needs and priorities.