Manage Mobile IT

The business world has gone mobile— with trueAgent™, you can take your entire IT management team with you.


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real 24/7 mobile management works


Where will your company go with mobile fail-safe workplaces? Be the first to overcome the limits of traditional, desktop-oriented, centralized IT and take full advantages of mobile IT.

trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator technology offers— the world’s first— 24/7 management of mobile devices and mobile applications and services. First Visual has solved the industry-wide challenge of supporting mobile IT infrastructures.

Unlike any existing system-management solution — for the trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator, it does not matter whether an IT node is connected to external management resources. The trueAgent™ node will always be fully managed, without any interruption, and will continuously adjust behavior in line with changing environments.

This ensures remote and mobile systems and services are available 24/7. Everywhere you go, the trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator is with you, adapting to the environment to ensure continuous security coverage with authentication and encryption.