Unlimited Scalability

With trueAgent™ you achieve progress, without the growing pains.

trueAgent™ offers unlimited IT scope, with its decentralized, distributed management approach. Your IT and mobile environment and infrastructure are likely to continually grow, with increasing complexity. The scalability of the trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator nearly eliminates the impact of increasing the number of servers or personnel.

IT Management Virtualization Basics

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boosts your scalability


In traditional, centralized IT management solutions, any managed system, resource or service occupies corresponding central management resources and connectivity; the more sophisticated the system – the higher the extent of required central resources and bandwidth, with all related impacts and limitations.

trueAgent™ uses only local resources and can operate continually, independent of external dependencies and overcoming any related limitation. But best of all, since trueAgent™ management technology runs directly on the managed node, this always allows for full real-time access to all available information and status data—unhindered by the typical limitations of bandwidth or central storage capabilities.

trueAgent™ by far outstrips the competition in quality, accuracy and actuality of inventory based management approaches.