Virtualization Basics

The trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator self-manages IT systems by virtualizing the collective knowledge of an organization’s management, operational and technical teams. In this way, trueAgent™ makes the tested, real-world knowledge of the organization an integral part of the system-wide IT environment.

IT Management Virtualization Basics

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trueAgent™ improves upon traditional centralized IT management by providing greater efficiency, accuracy and reduced overhead. trueAgent™ surpasses competing IT systems by providing continuous Virtual Administration that frees your resources and removes administrative burden from managers.

Only with trueAgent’s self-managed virtual IT technology, can your organization focus on the core of running your business and reduce IT overhead, while improving security, efficiency and reliability.

The trueAgent™ Virtual Administrator enables a company to adapt technology resources and reallocate human resources, to best meet the needs of the changing business and IT landscape. By equipping your company with trueAgent’s unlimited flexibility, you condition your business with the adaptability essential for optimal performance.